Taking Care of Your Blonde

Where my blondes at?!?!


As a blonde myself, I’ve mastered the art of keeping this head of hair looking fab. Taking care of my hair and maintaining its color all while strengthening it and bringing it back to life (after bleach beat the sh*t out of it) is something I will gladly accept an award for.

One thing I absolutely hate about being blonde, is every time I color my hair it feels like f*cking straw afterwards and is so dry. BUT, I have finally found my holy grail products that resurrect my blonde hair after ONE WASH. Yep, only one wash and my hair is always back to feeling soft AF.

Before we begin, I’ll tell you exactly what I ask for at the salon to achieve my color along with my colorists’ info:

- I always ask for a cool-tone balayage/rooty blonde with very little dimension going down. I make sure to emphasize “cool-tone” as I like the more beige-y/ash vibes (golden locks DO NOT look good on me *lowkey cringing at my high school/first year of college hair*). I have a full Pinterest board dedicated to favorite blonde locks that I always grab a few photos from and show them to my colorist - always show them photos!

- Miami colorist: @haussofcolor

- LA colorist: @oneandonlyjacob

In this post, I am going to be sharing all the products I use along with some tips. Here we go!


Most important thing - get a filtered shower head! I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. A filtered shower head filters out hard water, excess minerals and chlorine - these all will immediately damage your color and hair health overall and we definitely don’t want that! I love this one that I purchased off of Amazon - it’s less than 20 bucks, so get it and treat your hair to a lifelong gift.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this magic in a bottle, and if you haven’t get out from under that rock you’re living in, girl! Get ready to have your life AKA hair changed. Olaplex rebuilds all the damaged bonds in your hair that have been caused by chemicals and bleach. It also seals split ends, add shines, and makes your hair stronger and beyond soft.

HOW I USE IT: I wet my hair in the sink, apply it all over, clip my hair in a bun, throw a shower cap on, and rinse it out 7 hours later. I usually apply it in the morning, then once rinsing it out in the shower, I’ll proceed to washing my hair. You can also leave it in overnight. I like to do this once a week or every other week if I’m feeling lazy *slaps myself on wrist*.



Purple shampoo is a must to keep your locks from turning orange. As I mentioned in my hair routine post, I literally have tried every purple shampoo out there and nothing compares to Fanola.

HOW I USE IT: After I shampoo my hair and rinse, I apply the purple shampoo and leave it in for no more than one minute. No seriously, do not leave it longer. It is extremely pigmented and if left too long, you’ll have a slight purple hue on some parts of your hair that are more porous (if this does happen, don’t freak because 1. it’s not too noticeable 2. it’ll wash out next wash - it happened to me the last time I washed my hair because I left it in longer than a minute all thanks to shaving my legs LOL). After, I like to use their conditioner - again, only leave it in for one minute. Both these products make SUCH a difference after one use. It gets rid of all brassiness and leaves your hair with a beautiful, cool-tone color. I usually start using purple shampoo + conditioner a month after coloring, and only once a month (I wash my hair twice a week, so if you wash it more often try using it every other week).




I have been dyingggggg to try the dpHUE ACV Rinse for so long, and I finally purchased it last month after coloring my hair and LET ME JUST TELL YOU RIGHT NOW that it adds so much shine to my hair and brought it back to life after coloring.

HOW I USE IT: After shampooing (both regular shampoo + purple shampoo), I’ll squeeze it into my scalp all over my roots piece by piece. I leave it in for about 3 minutes then rinse out. I was expecting this to smell like sh*t considering the main ingredient is Apple Cider Vinegar, but it surprisingly doesn’t smell too strong HALLELUJAH.



Love me a good hair mask. Especially ones that transform my hair. My absolute favorite for damaged hair is the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Treatment Masque. When I was in Esthetician school last year, some girl in my class with platinum blonde hair that felt as soft as Barbie’s recommended this to me, that it was all she used. During our lunch break, you bet your ass I ran to CVS and purchased it. GOD BLESS HER SOUL because this truly performs a miracle. If there’s only one product you’re going to purchase from this post, have it be this.

HOW I USE IT: After I’m done shampooing and ACV Rinse-ing, I apply this ALL OVER, comb it through with a tangle teezer (I keep this in my shower) and leave it in for 2 hours (you can leave it in for longer or overnight if you’d like [Esthetecian Barbie leaves it in for a day]. I personally just hate sleeping with masks in my hair - I get uncomfortable lol). After that, I’ll jump back in the shower and rinse it out. “Ugh but Natalie that is so much work.” Well hate to break it to ya, but it takes hard work to have FAB LOCKS so do it and thank me later! You won’t regret it because it leaves your hair beyondddddddddddddddd soft and manageable.



Always always always put in a leave-in conditioner. My favorite is It’s A 10. I’ve been using it since my freshman year of college (9 years - I’m old AF) and I’ll forever use it.


There ya have it, blondies! If your hair is severely damaged, buy these products and you will immediately see a difference, I promise.

Be sure to check out my hair routine post here to read about more products I use, along with some game-changing tips (rinse with cold water, use a t-shirt instead of a towel, etc.).