Hair Routine + Tips

Two questions I'm asked the most - is your hair real and how do you grow it so long? Yes, it's real and I have this really cool magic wand that grows my hair instantly. Kidding. I can't pinpoint what exactly makes my hair grow but I'll tell you all the products I use + some tips so let's get started:

For starters, I have really thick hair that's naturally wavy so it takes a lot to maintain it. Literally Mufasa in human form. So if you have really thin hair, I'll note whether some of these products will work for you or not.


Shampoo + Conditioner

Before I even wet my hair in the shower, I apply regular conditioner to my ends when my hair is completely dry. I leave that on for two minutes then rinse. I don't use a specific shampoo or conditioner since I'm constantly switching it up (it's good to switch up your S+C because your hair gets used to one product, so once I'm done with one bottle I'll buy a different one). The ones I use pretty often and love are:

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla (this smells amazeballs)

It's A Ten Shampoo + Conditioner

L'Oreal Elvive Extreme Shampoo + Conditioner

So again, I use the conditioner on my dry ends, rinse, then shampoo and rinse.

Deep Conditioner

After shampooing, I put in a deep conditioner (instead of a regular conditioner) for about 5 minutes then rinse it out with *TIP: COLD water (this makes a huuuuuuge difference as it closes the hair cuticles). The deep conditioner's I love are:

Silicon Mix - I SWEAR by this stuff. Literally transforms your hair. Makes it super silky and shiny, and eliminates frizz! I use this twice a week on my rat's nest. I will say, if you have thin hair only use it once a week or maybe ever every other week, and also use a clarifying shampoo as it could cause some build up. 

It's A Ten Potion Miracle Mask - Legit a miracle in a jar. Makes color treated hair beyond soft and manageable.

I switch off between these two - once I'm done with one jar, I use the other and vice versa.

*TIP: While I have a deep conditioner in (or before I'm about to rinse out a hair mask), I comb my hair with a Tangle Teezer. Zero pain and your hair will be smooth and tangle-free in .5 seconds. Makes your life 10x easier when rinsing and eventually combing your hair later on. TRUST ME.

Hair Mask

I am OBSESSED with masks. Hair masks, face masks, foot masks, halloween masks, you name it. Every week I try to leave a hair mask in for a few hours if not ALL day, if possible. My absolute go-to's are:

Olaplex No. 3 - This is a MUST if you have bleached hair. It completely brings your dry, dyed hair back to life. It's a bond builder so it basically rebuilds the damaged bonds in your hair caused by chemicals (AKA bleach), seals split ends, and adds hella shine. I like to put this on first thing in the morning - your hair needs to be damp, so I wet my hair in the sink and apply, and will leave it on for about 7 hours (I've also left it in overnight as well, but mornings are easier for me).

Shea Moisture Treatment Masque - OMG, this stuff is incredible. Nothing has ever made my hair SO soft after washing. I shower and shampoo my hair like normal, then put this in and get out of the shower and leave it on for at least an hour (I'll sometimes leave it overnight). Then jump back in the shower and rinse it out (with cold water, remember!) and boom - your hair is officially as soft as Barbie's. If you have severely damaged hair, use this and thank me later.

*TIP: Once you're done washing your hair, do NOT dry it with a towel. I repeat: DO NOT DRY YOUR HAIR WITH A DAMN TOWEL. Towels cause so much friction and are too rough for our hair and can cause breakage. I use a cotton t-shirt instead (legit just wrap it around your hair/head like a turban). This is seriously a game changer and you're going to notice an immediate difference.

Purple Shampoo + Conditioner (for my blondes)

I'm not kidding when I say I've tried every purple and blue shampoo/conditioner under the sun for my hair. From Shimmer Lights to Oribe to Joico to Milkshake, I've literally tried them ALL. I recently won a giveaway on Instagram (which is weird because I never win anything) for the Fanola Purple Shampoo and Conditioner. It was honestly perfect timing because my hair was getting very brassy and turning yellow/orange - not cute. When I tell you this shit literally took away every ounce of brassiness and turned my yellow and orange highlights back to a beautiful ashy/cool-tone blonde, THAT'S LITERALLY WHAT IT DID. I was in pure shock with how well this worked! Again, I've tried a million and one purple shampoos and I've NEVER had a result like this; it's insane how well this works.

HOW TO USE IT: I'll shampoo my hair like normal, rinse, then apply purple shampoo and leave it in for about 1-2 minutes max. With the Fanola, do not leave it in more than that because it's extremely pigmented and will turn your hair lavender (if it does, don't worry because it'll fade within a couple days LOL). Once I rinse that out, I apply the conditioner/masque and leave that on for another 1-2 minutes then rinse, and apply one of my deep conditioners or hair masks. I try to use a purple or blue shampoo every other week or every 3 weeks (it can be extremely drying so don't use it repeatedly).

Leave-In Conditioner

It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product - I have been using this stuff for the past 8 years and I will forever use it. It detangles EVERYTHING, making it so much easier to comb through. It's extremely conditioning and perfect for damaged hair.

Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Leave In Conditioner - This spray adds so much shine to your hair and not to mention it smells MAGNIFICENT. The cleanest, freshest scent ever. I may or may not spray this on my pillow too. Honestly, if I could bathe myself in this every day I would. 

Salerm 21 Leave-in Conditioner - Lastly, my favorite! It makes your hair soooo soft especially if you're air drying. 

Blow Dry

Truth is, if you want healthy hair you need to avoid heat as much as possible, especially blow drying. Because of this, I rarely blow dry my hair. Only time I ever do is when it's at most 65 degrees outside. Other than that, I air dry it. Or if I'm in a hurry and need to be somewhere, I'll let it air dry so 75% of my hair is dry then blow dry the rest with a large round brush.

TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray - I've been using this for yearssssss. It's honestly the best heat protectant I've found. I always use this before blow drying as well as before curling.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer - Ok so, this is a bit pricey BUT it is the best blow dryer in the damn game. It comes with different nozzles too - there's one for a fast dry and another for a really smooth dry. My hair takes forever and a year to dry, and this makes it SO MUCH QUICKER, and my hair isn't frizzy nor a lion mane once I'm finished - win win! Highly recommend.

*TIP: When air drying my hair, I love to twirl it into sections or put it in a very loose braid - just depends what mood I'm in.

Curling Iron

T3 Trio - 3 interchangeable wands, 'nuff said. Since my hair is super long and super thick, I usually use the largest barrel. I absolutely loooooove how my curls/waves come out. Plus, it heats up super quick. Definitely my FAVORITE curling iron and wand I've ever owned. I will definitely be doing a hair tutorial on this soon as it has been highly requested.


Nothing makes me happier than knowing I won't have to deal with Miami's humidity much longer - thank you perfect LA weather! Ever do your hair only to have it fall or frizz up 3.5 seconds after stepping outside? Yeah, THE worst. But good news! I found the best hack to keeping those locks in tact and frizz-free.

ORIBE Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray - smells amazing and locks in EVERYTHING. My saving grace whenever it's humid AF outside.

Living Proof No Frizz Humidity Shield - doesn't smell AS amazing as the Oribe, but it's slightly cheaper and gets the job done. Love them both equally and I'm always switching between the two!

So, there you have it - how I wash, style, and maintain my mane. I hope at least one of these products helps your hair out :)