5 Face Masks You Absolutely Need

If you read my hair post, then you know I'm obsessed with any and every type of mask. So not only do I use a hair mask every time I wash my hair, but I also use a face mask every other night, if not every single night. They're just so bomb for your skin if used correctly. Whenever you're using masks, you need to rotate them. For example, don't use two different clay masks, two days back to back. Use a clay mask one night, a hydrating mask another, a peel the next, et cetera et cetera. And if you have sensitive and/or dry skin, don't use clay masks consistently.

The five masks I'm mentioning in this post are my all time holy-grails that I've been using foreverrrrrr because they actually work wonders and have amazing results.

(SIDE NOTE: aside from having a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Product Development, I'm also a licensed Esthetician so I kinda know my shit when it comes to skincare, ya know?)

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Indian Clay Mask

A mask that's less than $11 AND works like fucking magic? Um yes please! It literally pulls everything out of your pores and deep cleanses the shit out of your skin. I like to use this once a week (specifically, after wearing makeup for multiple days, consecutively) and I use it with Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and mix with a plastic spoon, only. *Disclaimer: you will feel your entire face pulsating while using, lol. But it's getting the job done so yeah, beauty over pain in my book.

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Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Not only does this mask smell phenomenal, but the results are just beyond. If you need to brighten your complexion and even out your skin-tone, buy this and thank me later. It has AHA in it which is a chemical exfoliant that resurfaces your skin resulting in a much more radiant and even appearance - GLOW UP. Semi-pricey but 1) it's 100% worth it and 2) the jar will last you awhile. I use this twice per week.

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This is one of my absolute all-time favorites. It's technically a "peel", but used like a mask. If you have dark spots (from blemishes or sun damage), this will legit get rid of them with continued use. This also helps with texture, pores and dehydration, leaving your skin with the most healthiest looking glow. I use this twice per week.

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Detox mask

There are SO many things I love about this mask. The smell (beyond relaxing - feels like you're at a spa), the texture, and the results! You know how clay masks always leave your skin tight and dry, and as if they basically just sucked all the life out of your face? Yeah well unlike the Indian Clay Mask, this detoxes your skin without the super harsh feeling. It detoxes and pulls all the bad crap out of your skin while hydrating it at the same damn time - win win! I use this once a week.

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There's a reason why "beauty sleep" is a thing - the best time to replenish your skin is while you're sleeping, and this mask does just that and more. You will wake up with a plumper, more rejuvenated, hydrated face. BYE dull skin, TTYN! Pretty sure Beyonce's "I Woke Up Like This/Flawless" was inspired by her using this sleeping mask - just a thought. I use this mask pretty much every single night along with their Lip Sleeping Mask (if you have dry, cracked, or chapped lips - use this and you'll wake up with brand new lips, swear).

Not-so-fun-fact: I used to be that girl that would fall asleep with her makeup on constantly, and now you couldn't even pay me $5000 to do that ever again. There is truly NOTHING more important than taking care of your skin, and these masks are essential in a skincare routine. I know skincare can be pricey AF, but I've come to learn the hard way that taking care of our skin correctly is beyond worth it.

As always, if you have any questions at all regarding beauty (or any other topic!), don't hesitate to email or DM me on Instagram :)