Sephora Summer Sale

Sephora is back with another killer sale and you already know I am taking FULL advantage and stocking up on all of my favorites, plus some new products I’ve had my eye on. Below I am sharing some of my top picks that I know you guys will love just as much as I do! Also, depending on your status you can get up to 20% off using the code SUMMERSAVE. Happy Shopping!

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I shared these on IG stories a few weeks ago and they are a GODSEND. These tanning drops are so easy to use - just mix 5-10 drops in your body lotion and face moisturizer, apply, and you’re good to go. No streakiness, no stains, and no smell! I use shade Dark.

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I bought this Laura Mercier concealer last year to use for my undereyes but the color I purchased wasn’t as light as I wanted, so I decided to use it as a spot concealer and I am forever obsessed! I use it on “no makeup-makeup days” when I don’t feel like wearing foundation but still need to conceal any blemishes or dark spots. It’s creamy, blends in incredibly, and lasts all day. I use shade 2.

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The Drunk Elephant Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops are a game changer for “no makeup-makeup” days. Not only does it protect your skin from pollution (yeah LA, I see you), but it gives it a nice, bronzed subtle glow - you won’t find the need to wear makeup ever again in the daytime after using this!

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SPF is by far the most important beauty product to use on your face. It’s key in anti-aging and prevents dark spots/hyperpigmentation from getting darker. I love love love this one from Shiseido - the consistency is silky smooth and sits so well underneath makeup. I use this daily and cannot live without it.

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I’ve been using The Ordinary’s products for about 2 years now. I was skeptical at first because of how dirt cheap they are, but I am here to confirm they work WONDERS. This peeling solution is supposed to be a dupe for Drunk Elephant’s Baby Facial - I own both and will say I like The Ordinary better. It has a stronger AHA and leaves your skin bright and smooth, and fades dark spots. This product is necessary if you have dull skin and/or hyperpigmentation.

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Another product from The Ordinary that I absolutely love. If you don’t already incorporate a Hyaluronic Acid into your skincare routine, start now! It is KEY in retaining your skin’s moisture, leaving it nice, plump, and hydrated. It also helps with aging sooooo need I say more? I apply this before my moisturizer.

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I was a die-hard fan for Anatasia Beverly Hills’ Dipbrow Pomade, and ever since trying this eyebrow pencil I won’t look back. I now understand the hype for Benefit’s brow products - they’re truly amazing. This pencil has an angled applicator giving you a more precise application. My brows have NEVER looked better. I wear shade 4.

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I used this back in the day and completely forgot how bomb it is up until recently - the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit is by far the best matte bronzer to contour your face and add some color. It is very pigmented, so make sure to dust off your brush a bit before applying. I wear shade Natural Bronze.

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Moon Juice is one of my all time favorite wellness brands, mainly because I see a huge difference when consuming their dusts and powders. This protein powder (along with their chocolate one) is my fave! It’s filled with adaptogens which help with stress levels, mood, energy, and controls weight-gain. You can find my smoothie recipe under my “Wellness” and “Recipe” highlight reels on my Instagram.

You can find more of my Sephora favorites here and here. Enjoy babes!!