Summer Shoes

If you asked me two years ago if I love heels, I'd scream yes and wear them everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean literally EVERYWHERE). Ask me now and I'll tell you how much I absolutely dread wearing them. You can catch me in sneakers 75% of the time, sandals 23%, and heels about 2%, but low-key wishing it was zero. I sound like such a slob now that I re-read that. I'm obviously exaggerating, but you catch my drift.

Side note: You're probably wondering, "Natalie, why on earth would you choose 6 inch Loubs as your cover photo for this post if you have such a newfound hatred for heels nowadays" and well, it's because they're surprisingly THE most comfortable pair of heels I own. Crazy, I know. Especially since every other pair of Louboutins may as well slice the soles of your feet open. I've had them for five years already and I still wear them to almost every single wedding I attend because they're the only pair I can last all night in. Not to mention, they make me 5'9 and nothing makes a short girl happier than pretending to be a giant for the night.

Moving forward, Summer brings me soooooooo much joy because I can wear adidas or flats anywhere with zero judgement. I mean seriously, who wants to be stumbling in heels while day drinking on a Saturday? Not I!

I've selected my favorites - majority are slides because they're on trend, but I threw in various heels because 1) they don't look painfully uncomfortable 2) they're cute AF. I also categorized them by price point to make it easier for you guys to shop!

$50 and Under

$50 - $100

$100 - $150

$150 and above

Cute, right?! I own a few of these already, and ordered a couple more because why the hell not - the more shoes, the merrier.