My Go-To Online Shopping Retailers


I feel like I've been totally MIA - I'm currently in the middle of moving into my new apartment and have been preoccupied with that, so please bear with me! Once I'm all settled in, I'm going to be doing a HUGE blog post (maybe multiple?) on my moving process, how I decorated my entire place, where I bought all my furniture, how I almost killed IKEA and myself (no really, I almost sliced my entire finger off), etc. I was going to vlog the entire process but my camera went to shit on the second day, so there's that. THANKS MERCURY RETROGRADE!

Moving forward, I'm constantly receiving DMs asking where I shop and what my favorite retailers are, so I'm going to share my go-tos and why I love them. (Side note: I only shop online. I really hate shopping in stores and never do unless I have a last minute event or occasion, so these are my all time trusted retailers when it comes to quality, shipping, and customer service).


This is obviously a no brainer. Revolve carries the absolute cutest shit and at all different price points. Not only do they carry the best brands, but they're all trusted brands with amazing quality products so they'll last you a long time. And guess what? TWO. DAY. FREE. SHIPPING. Oh, and returns are also FREE. Seriously does not get any better than that. So if something doesn't fit or it's not what you had hoped for, easiest return process ever. Just sayin'.

First time customers receive 10% off their first purchase, just sign up for their newsletter and you'll receive an email.



This is probably my favorite retailer out of all the ones I will be sharing. I've been shopping on Missguided for the past 4 years and have never been disappointed. Their items are inexpensive AND great quality - win win. I actually have bought a few of my wedding guest dresses from here and they always look $500 more than the actual price tag. Also, their shipping is amazing especially coming from the UK. Free standard shipping for orders over $50 and express shipping is only $8!! They have 30%-50% off sitewide pretty often, so make sure to sign up for their newsletters.

Right now, they're currently having 30% off sitewide with the code MGBABE30 


Not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant the first time shopping here. BUT, my doubts were certainly washed away after my first order. They have the cutest shit at dirt cheap prices (which was the main reason that scared me at first). I've been shopping on here for over a year and I've maybe returned two things in total. Quality is great - not the BEST that will last you 15 years, but it's good enough where it doesn't look cheap AF. It's fast fashion so it's honestly ideal for the latest trends. 

This is another online retailer that is constantly having 30-60% off sales, and right now they're having 30% off sitewide with code FIRE30.


Topshop has been my jam since college. They have the most unique pieces that are BOMB quality. Also, the fact that Nordstrom (another fave of mine) now carries them says a lot. They also offer FREE shipping on orders over $20 ummmmmmmm YES PLEASE. 

10% off all first orders when you sign up for their newsletter.


Good ole Nordstrom never disappoints. Seriously, my go-to retailer ever since I was a high school infant. Their customer service is what truly reeled me in; nicest associates ever and their return policy is great - if you hate an item you ordered or something breaks/falls apart when it shouldn't have, you can easily return it. Another huge plus, they carry Topshop yaaaasss. FREE shipping and FREE returns, always.

Well, these are my tried and true online retailers that I will forever shop from. Let me know if you have any questions about sizing, or if you end up ordering from any!