Vegan Banana French Toast

There's nothing I love more than french toast on the weekends (ok, maybe mimosas) and this recipe makes the yummiest french toast in my book. It's simple and takes less than 10 minutes to make.

What You'll Need:

+ 1 Banana

+ 3/4 cup of Almond Milk

+ 1 tbsp of Maple Syrup (I use 100% Pure Maple Syrup from Trader Joes)

+ 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon

+ 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

+ Vegan Butter (I use Earth Balance which tastes better than regular butter IMO)

+ Bread (I use Gluten Free bread - UDI's Multigrain or Trader Joes)

1. In a blender (this is the one I use), blend all the ingredients besides the butter and bread - duh.

2. Once blended, pour into a bowl and dip your slices of bread into the mixture.

3. On a stovetop (med-high heat), melt the butter and start cooking! I usually cook 2 minutes or so on each side. 

4. Top with maple syrup and more bananas or fruit of your choice. ENJOY!