Travel Blog: SYDNEY


This is long overdue, but better late than never right? I traveled to Australia for two weeks last month and it was honestly incredible. You wanna know what was not so incredible? That damn flight. If you know me, then you’re well aware of the fear I have of flying and how I get severe anxiety weeks leading up to any trip I take, BUT I’ve learned to not let it stop me from traveling the world, so give me alcohol and some melatonin and I’ll manage (kinda).

Australia is a place unlike any other country I’ve traveled to - I can’t explain it, so you just need to go, ok! I started off in Sydney then ended my trip in Melbourne. Everyone keeps asking me which was my favorite of the two, but to be honest my indecisive-self can’t choose as they were both simply perfect in their own ways. However, what I CAN tell you is my favorite part of my entire trip was feeding and playing with kangaroos. YEP, you read that right - REAL F*CKING KANGAROOS. They’re officially my new favorite animal and I will gladly accept one as a pet for my 28th birthday in 5 months, k thanks.

This post is going to include everything I did, ate, and wore during my time in Sydney. I’ll have my Melbourne post up soon after!


Day 1

First day in Sydney consisted of starting at the ass crack of dawn as our flight arrived at 6:30am. First thing I need to do after getting off a flight is showering off all those airplane germs (especially a 20+ hour flight) but that was out of the question since we couldn’t check into our Airbnb until 3pm. So we grabbed breakfast at Circular Quay then headed to Bondi Beach. I was suuuuper excited to go to the Icebergs Pool (if you google this, you’ll know exactly what it is as it’s pretty Insta famous). But, with my luck it was EMPTY - legit no water in the pool so there went my Instagram pic *firstworldproblems*, but our lunch at the Bondi Icebergs Club made up for it with its spectacular view. After lunch we headed back to The Rocks to check in (I highly suggest staying in this area if you ever travel to Sydney as it’s walking distance to pretty much everything - Circular Quay, Opera House, Darling Harbour, etc). For dinner, we walked to Darling Harbour for sushi. Sushi is my absolute favorite and I will say that Australia has the best sushi - it’s SO fresh.


Day 2

We headed to Bill’s for breakfast which is notorious for their food. I had a green juice (duh), avocado toast (duh), and their sweet corn fritters which was just beyond. After breakfast we toured around and ended up at The Star casino, because it’s not a Pi family vacation unless there’s a casino involved. We ended our day at the Zoo - if I’m honest, I’m really not a fan of zoos because it makes me extremely upset that these animals are confined to such a small area away from their natural habitat, but I was able to pet a kangaroo so that cheered me up a bit. Dinner was probably the highlight of my day though - we went to the famous Tetsuya’s which serves a degustation menu. A degustation menu is a bit different than a tasting menu, as you aren’t given options to select your courses from. You pretty much go in and are served whatever the chef is making. It’s truly the best dining experience IMO! I was able to request lactose-free ahead of time as I don’t eat dairy (keeps my skin clear - SACRIFICES PEOPLE). This one was 8 courses and I loved every single course. My favorite was the chef’s signature dish of Tasmanian Ocean Trout; it’s the world’s most photographed dish and it was f*cking delicious.


Outfit 1: dress (size 0) | belt (similar) | boots (similar) | bag (similar)

Outfit 2: top (size S) | leather jacket (size 0) | pants (similar) | bag (similar)


Day 3

I FINALLY FOUND ACAI! Had the yummiest acai bowl for breakfast (with a side of avocado toast, because duh) in Darling Harbour. After breakfast we headed to the Sydney Tower Eye which is the tallest structure in Sydney and second tallest in the southern hemisphere. From 879 ft high, we overlooked Sydney and it was BEAUTIFUL! We spent the second half of the day taking a boat to Manly Beach where we grabbed a late lunch and walked around the beach. BTW, it was end of winter in Australia so by no means was this your typical beach day. Picture me bundled up in a scarf and jacket, shivering, and watching surfers from a very far distance. Due to having a late lunch, we called it an early night which I had zero complaints as I struggled to keep my eyes open past 10pm my entire trip (just wait till you hear about me falling asleep at dinner in Melbourne).

Day 4.jpg

Day 4

Sunday AKA Sydney Marathon Day. Woke up v early, grabbed breakfast at a local cafe, and then headed to the Opera House where the finish line was to catch my badass sister (@stephpiruns - if you love anything running/fitness related, follow her!) finishing her full marathon. She finished 3rd in her age group and 20 out of 1,082 females! Now that I think of it, badass is an understatement of what she is. We relaxed most of the day at home then headed to happy hour back at the Opera House at the Opera Bar. Seriously the most perfect happy hour spot - right on the water with good music, amazing bites and delicious cocktails. For dinner, we went to Saké which was never ending sushi and more delicious cocktails (I’m a sucker for cocktails if you haven’t already noticed from my Instagram stories).


dress (similar) | jacket (size S) | shoes (size 6) | bag (similar) | sunglasses (gold/black)


Day 5

Last and final day in Sydney started with, YOU GUESSED IT - avocado toast. Except this time, it was hands down the best avocado toast I had yet. Mainly because of the aoili sauce drizzled on top (not dairy-free but I couldn’t say no to aoili, sue me). After breakfast we took a boat to Watson’s Bay which was the cutest little town EVER. It was right on the water and sooooo peaceful. We walked around and ended up at The Gap which was a huge cliff off of the ocean. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it. It was unreal. For lunch, we picked one of the restaurant’s right on the bay where I ate the most delicious calamari and shrimp cocktail (I may as well be a pescatarian at this point, I know). And for dinner, we ate at another degustation restaurant called Quay. Out of all the degustation menus we had on our trip, this was probably my least favorite. It was ten courses and the food was good, but there just wasn’t a lot of variety.


sweater (S/M) | denim skirt (XS) | shoes (size 6) | sunglasses (gold/black)

Overall, Sydney was an absolute dream. Seriously, everywhere you go it’s beautiful - from the scenery to the people to the food.

Stay tuned as MELBOURNE is up next!