Travel Blog: MELBOURNE

I’m back with a full detailed post on my trip to Melbourne! Melbourne was totally different than Sydney in the sense that it was more of a city vibe, so it was great to have the best of both worlds all in one trip.


Day 1

First day in Melbourne started off with me getting shit on by a bird. Legit within the first hour I was there. Normally, I’d be like WTF REALLY, but I’m v superstitious and took it as a sign of goodluck. Am I crazy? Maybe. We went to lunch where I stuffed by face with a veggie burger, and then checked into our Airbnb in the Docklands. Our condo was beyonddddd perfection! Right on the water with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the bay. For dinner, we went to Attica where we *brace yourselves* indulged in a SEVENTEEN course (another degustation restaurant). Out of all the degustation menus we had on our trip, this way by far my favorite. Each meal was incredible - only one I didn’t eat was the kangaroo, because uh f*ck no. My favorite was the first course [organic leaves with coconut yogurt] and course eleven [spanner crab meat]. This dinner lasted about 4 hours and I fell asleep for about 45 seconds right after course fourteen LOL. The waitress came over saying “Are you alright? Don’t worry, almost done!”. Thankfully, I’m never embarrassed.


Day 2

Roadtrip to the 12 Apostles! Almost a three hour drive, but I was totally ok with it because the scenery was breathtaking and well worth the drive. We stopped a few times on the way to get off and take photos, and on one of the stops we spotted a koala IN THE ACTUAL WILD. Made my day. Arriving at the 12 Apostles, it was f*ucking FREEZING. In the 50s but with all the wind, it felt as if it below zero (ok fine, more like 30 degrees). Besides being completely frozen, I was so ecstatic to be able to experience this. It was hands down the most beautiful place I have EVER been to. It was honestly unreal and I highly suggest moving this to the top of your bucket list.


Day 3

Our third day in Melbourne was pretty lowkey and consisted of touring around the city throughout the morning. We went to Southbank (area right on the water filled with restaurants, shops, etc.) for lunch where I had the best paella. For dinner, we went to Cutler & Co. which had a degustation menu, but we chose to just do the regular menu. I ordered the mussels on a crispy potato chip, zucchini flowers with shrimp, cobia and cauliflower. I swear all I did on this trip was eat, but at least it was semi healthy? Kinda?


dress (size 0) | jacket (size 0) | shoes (size 6)


Day 4

This day was centered around animals and was my favorite, by far. We drove to Phillip Island and started at the Koala Conservation Centre where there were sooooo many cute koalas, and we had the opportunity to see them up close and personal. It was a huge conservation park, and as you’re walking around there’s koalas in the trees and wallabies roaming around - totally normal. After, we headed to Island Whole Foods (not the same as our Whole Foods here in the states btw - it was a cute little vegan lunch spot). I ordered the veggie burger, curry lentil soup, and some vegan desserts. All was DELICIOUS! Once we finished, we were off to the Phillip Island Wildlife Park. There were hundreds of kangaroos all around and we were able to feed them! Seriously the coolest experience ever and I want to do it all over again. They’re the most playful, gentle creatures and I have a newfound love for them. We ended our day/night at the Penguin Parade. This was also a very cool experience. We were able to sit by the beach right at sunset (felt like below zero again) and watch hundreds of penguins return to land and waddle their way to their nests - SO cute! Unfortunately, no photos or videos were allowed to be taken as the blue light from our phones damage their eyes and will blind them. But, it was amazing to disconnect and take it all in without having to capture the “perfect” shot.


vinyl skirt (size 0) | cardigan (similar) | booties | bag (similar)


Day 5

We wined the entire day at three different wineries, the last being Chandon which was my favorite. Champagne showers FTW. We had lunch at the second winery where I had the absolute best dairy-free mushroom risotto. Currently drooling as I type. For dinner, we ate at Flower Drum which is known for being the best Chinese restaurant outside of China. Asian food is my absolute favorite, especially Chinese, so to say I was excited is an understatement. I started off with the most incredible Lychee Belvedere martini. For food, I had cucumbers in black vinegar and garlic (on my to-do list to make this at home because it was amazing), the best vegetable egg rolls I’ve ever consumed, and vegetarian pockets which was bombbbbbbbb. Highly recommend eating here, but make sure to book a reservation months in advance.


Outfit 1: dress (size 0) | turtleneck bodysuit (size 0) | sunglasses | bag

Outfit 2: bodysuit (size 0) | pants (similar) | vest (similar) | booties | bag (similar)


Day 6

Last and final day of my trip, and I was a bit heart broken not going to lie. Had my last avocado smash for breakfast with a side of dark hot chocolate. After breakfast, we did the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel (they have this same ferris wheel in Vegas, London, and a couple more major cities). I mentioned this on Instagram, but I honestly didn’t know I had a fear of heights until I rode this. Seriously, anxiety at an all time high. I think the fact that it moves soooooo slowly and being confined to one little bubble (hi claustrophobia) makes it 100x worse. BUT, if you don’t have a fear of heights, I highly suggest doing this as the views are spectacular. The rest of the day consisted of shopping, lunch at Southbank, going home to pack, and catching a flight back to Sydney that night as we were heading back to the states from there the next morning.

Australia exceeded my expectations by a thousand miles. Officially in my top 5 favorite places to visit, and I truly hope to go back again!